The biggest mangrove forest and the world’s heritage site. Sundarbans itself plays a big role in attracting tourists to India for so many years. But apart from a tourist place, it also holds so many mysteries within the place. People who love adventure tours get pretty excited where it comes to Sundarban. The reasons are so many, but the centre of these reasons are the Royal Bengal Tigers of Sundarban.

But not every travel person thinks like that. There’re so many people who ask on the internet “Is Sundarban safe for tourists”?

If you’re one of them, you’re in the correct place! In this article, we’re gonna know about the tiger terror of Sundarban and will find out if it is safe or not. So let’s get started,

Dangers of Sundarban:

Sunderban is basically a human land in southern West Bengal and Bangladesh where still tigers are the king of the jungle. For so many years so many studies and documentaries have been made regarding the man eaters of Sundarban. Some said tigers of Sundarbans are far away from the locality of people.

On the other hand, an official of the Sundarbans forest department said almost 232 people got killed by the tiger attack in Sundarban between 2013 to 2019. The tigers who ate those men are still roaming in that jungle. So here a question arises why many documentaries say Sundarban is safe. To understand the answer, you’ve to know about the locality and the people to know why people are still dying these days.

Locality and Lifestyle in Sundarban:

Sunderban is made of 102 small islands together with the world's largest mangrove forest in it. So the only transport options available there are boats and ferries. During the boat ride, you’ll get to see a lot of crocodiles swimming around your boat and deep forests on both sides. The population of this area is less, but the density is higher than the average density of the entire India.

The profession of locals here is mostly fishing, farming or transporting businesses. Because the locals and the tigers live very closely in Sundarban, so human-tiger conflict isn’t that rare in this place. The royal Bengal tigers are also very easy to attack by hunters for their skin. That’s why so many tigers were killed over the past years by hunters in that area.

In 2010, tigers were listed as endangered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. That’s something serious!

Now the problem there is neither you can make tigers leave from their homeland, also you can’t change the place of the locality from Sundarbans. Exactly here the tiger reservation centre of Sundarbans plays a huge role in avoiding human-tiger conflict in the jungle. In Sundarbans, most of the people has been eaten by tigers during fishing in the river and some more reasons.

So there are some places in Sundarban where human visibility isn’t allowed. This place comes with some strong barriers and walls to divide the area between tigers and local humans there. On these islands, you’ll get to see so many watchtowers located on the tiger side so tourists can see the tiger closely by being completely safe. The government officials are continually here trying to save tigers and some other species like crocodiles and turtles without putting human life in danger.


Tourism in Sundarban:

Also, there are some certain rules and regulations that have been made for tourists so they can see the tiger and the wildlife closely without harming themselves. You can have a jungle safari in Sundarban where you’ll get to see so many kinds of beautiful and colourful birds flying in the woods, crocodiles swimming in the river, snakes on islands and also the Royal Bengal Tigers walking through the jungles.

Some watchtowers are located near the rivers where tigers and so many animals come to drink water. It allows you to experience a great view of nature up close. It's also good for you if you’re a photographer who wants to have some good clicks. In Sundarbans, you’ll find some experienced professional tour guides who actually know this place for so many years. With them, there’s no chance to be harmed by anything until you want to break the rule for the adrenaline rush.

So finally,

Is Sundarban Safe For Tourists?

Sunderban is the homeland of man-eating beasts, that’s true!

If you still have the question, is Sundarban safe to visit, then let me tell you Sundarban is completely safe to travel until you break the rules in the hope of something more. But this place is also run by a strong authority and government regulation. So many people choose Sundarbans as their ideal destination several times. They find here something that can’t be found anywhere else. That makes this place worth visiting.

From now, don’t get into rumours and pack your luggage and visit Sundarbans once. The nature won’t disappoint you.

Suman Ghosh

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