COVID-19 Safety Tips For Tourists in India

Exploring the wonders and new landscapes can be tremendously valuable for the soul, but situations such as the Covid19 pandemic make a big distraction to the hopes of all travel lovers in India. Travel is a kind of addiction that heals your mental health and keeps you happy and refreshed over time. That’s the reason also so many people are going travelling with friends and family.

Quitting travelling for that long time may sound pathetic and close to impossible. But according to doctors and researchers you can actually travel the world with certain safety precautions as well.

In this article, we’re gonna know those safety precautions for tourists that’ll give you and your partner a completely safe and happy travel experience in India.

Follow Proper Guidelines:

Maybe the pandemic is getting less strong over the last few months. But so many countries around the world including India still have not recovered completely. Populated countries like India have semi lockdown except on some important aspects like medicine, hospitals and other government sectors etc. In some places in India, you can roam around but only if you've been vaccinated twice. Following these rules is very important for the sake of people’s safety. So if you’re going somewhere, please do proper research about the place and maintain the rules there.

Carry Proper Essentials:

Well, this is something that you can’t avoid while travelling. Corona virus spreads through touching also, so just having with musk isn’t enough. You need to maintain at least 5-6 feet of distance from another person. That’s why it’ll be better to have all the essentials with you so you don’t have to be in physical contact with anyone easily. When we say essentials, it means enough water, enough medicines, clothes, obviously sanitizer and small to smallest essentials you may think of. Try to avoid notes and use your card for payment purposes to avoid touches. It’ll be better if you can avoid purchasing anything from a local store.

Have A Medical Test:

The symptoms of Covid aren’t the same for everyone. So many studies have shown that the virus symptoms can differ on people with different immune power and that’s a serious concern. A person can be a carrier without knowing it. So before going anywhere for travelling, make sure to have an RT-PCR test on yourself and your travel partner. It’ll save so many people around you including yourself.

Careful of Wastage:

Well, it’s always good to carry a wastage bag with you and throwing used elements anywhere is never good manners. But in this covid situation, doing these can actually spread the virus, even more. Covid isn’t something that only spreads from a living body to another living body. It also can be on a surface actively for a good amount of time. If you’re using any tissue to clean your face and covering a sneeze or cough, never throw it anywhere directly. Carry a wastage bag with you and wait until you find a dustbin to discard.

Keep Your Medical History:

As we said before, so many countries and places still haven't recovered from the impact of Covid19. Also, those who recovered are getting a strong check for entering the places. So having a medical history is a very important safety tip for you. Medical history is basically all the prescriptions or papers you’ve got for the past few months related to your health. These records will explain to the guards about your medical health so they can decide whether you’re eligible for entering the places or not. You can say it’s important as a passport these days.

Track Local Healthcare Centre:

Always find the local health care centre facilities before you travel in this Covid pandemic in India. You may require emergency service while travelling any place for you or your family. Consult with your travel agent about the nearest health care facilities available in the particular destination before you book the tour package.

Sacrifice A Little Bit:

Before going to a place, make sure to make proper research about that place. Suppose you’re going to a place where certain things or visitors are not allowed which the place is famous for. Either doesn’t go to the place, or you can visit the place but don’t try to break the rules just for your satisfaction. The pandemic isn’t for any particular group of people. It’s a threat for the whole of mankind. A small wrong step can bring lots of trouble for you and the people around you. Maintain the rules of the following places where you’re going.

Hire a Tour Guide (If Required):

Well, looking for every safety aspect by one isn’t that simple as it seems to be. So if you’re travelling somewhere which is already a tourist spot, then make sure to hire a tourist guide with you. A tourist guide has the correct evidence and knowledge of the situations in any particular area. With them, your luggage can be more secure and you’ll be able to roam around freely without any worries.

These are the top 6 general aspects to look for whenever you’re trying to go for a travel. Be safe and healthy and keep other people safe around you. Be a responsible person, always!

Suman Ghosh

Mr. Suman Ghosh has been a Solo traveler since 2012. He has founded Tourist Hub India in 2015 and he continues traveling around India. The most recent Visit of his Sikkim, he is sharing the precautionary measure should required for the travelers in different destinations of India. He always love to share his experience for the travel lovers all over India.

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